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ETA SpA Estrusione Tecnologie AvanzateEstrusione
Amministrazione e Stabilimento Administration and plant
Agglomerato Industriale - 86007 Pozzilli (IS)
Tel. 086.591.251 . Fax 0865.927.252

Ufficio Tecnico e Commerciale Technical and sales office
Via Pontina Km 29 - 00040 Pomezia (Roma)
Tel. 0691.801.349 - Fax 0691.801.341

P.IVA 00337000947
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Produzione ETATwo presses of 1650 and 2200 tons, located in a factory in Pozzilli (IS), enable ETA to be present in all the fields of utilization of aluminium extruded products with a differentiated production for industrial appliances, transport and building sectors and completed by the phases of designing, construction and heating treatment of cast dies.

A technical help supports the designing of the profiles in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001.