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ETA offers you a wide range of Aluminium systems for every kind of frame and typologies, with high level of performances, for water and air tightness, security, energy savings, noise reduction and resistance to wind load, also in case of heavy weather conditions.

The level of performances is certifyied by the most important European laboratories, in accordance with the European Standards for test methods and classifications.

Our systems combine performances, perfect functionality and beauty, thanks to the advanced design and the high quality level of all the components: extruded profiles, hardware, accessories and weatherstrips.


Choice the best solution for you from ETA systems General Catalogue:


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Catalogue overview: 




Thermal insulated systems:

        -         E 470 TI with basic depth up to 48 mm provide economical solutions in warmer climates

-         E 550 AI with basic depth up to 55 mm provide economical solutions and high thermal insulation features


-         E 560 TI with basic depth up to 56 mm, provide thermal insulation in warmer climates, suitable for large size frames

-         E 640 AI and E 760 AI, with large insulation bars for improved thermal insulation performances suitable for extreme weather conditions. Available for European Groove or PVC accessories groove


Not insulated systems:

        -         E 410 with basic depth up to 41 mm

-      E 510 with basic depth up to 51 mm, for economical solutions and high static value of profiles suitable for wide windows requirements



Thermal insulated systems:

        -         900s TI,    Sliding windows

-         AS 888 TI,    Sliding or Lift-and-Sliding, for high thermal insulation

-         AS 1300 TI,   Sliding or Lift-and-Sliding, for very large windows and doors in case of heavy weather conditions


Not insulated: 

-      900s, Sliding windows and doors, normal and large size

-         410s, light and economical solution for sliding windows

-         Flex 50,  Sliding-and-Folding system




  •   FC50 facade thermal insulated system, for very easy and fast assembly (without milling and toolings) and installation




-        Sunshine and high temperatures outside can lead to rooms overheating. ETA solar shading devices offer you elegant solutions for reducing the penetrating radiation energy and saving electrical costs for air conditioning.